A2 Hosting Vs Fastcomet – Which Is Best in 2021


Are confused in choosing the best web hosting between A2 hosting Vs Fastcomet. Then read the full blog to know which is really best for your website.

Both A2 Hosting and Fastcomet are the best web hosting companies. But even though they are best, there are some pros and cons between A2 Hosting vs Fastcomet.

A2 Hosting Vs Fastcomet

About A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting was established in 2001 by Bryan Muthig, who had a reliable background and expertise as a UNIX systems administrator. They started A2 Hosting with the two small offices at Ann Arbor and Michigan.

At first, they have only shared hosting and a few hand pick of customers including, their friends and families.

But now, A2 Hosting is one of the fastest and leading web hosting companies in the world.

But now they have managed WordPress hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller hosting and it is one of the fastest web hosting brands now.

About Fastcomet

Fastcomet was established in 2013 with its headquarters in San Francisco. Fastcomet is also one of the few independently owned hosting companies.

Fastcomet has 70+ Employees and more than 50k+ customers.

Fastcomet has 11 data centers across the world. 

A2 Hosting Vs Fastcomet Uptime

A2 Hosting Uptime

Uptime is one of the basic and important details you should see before choosing a web hosting company for hosting your website. 

A2 Hosting provides good average uptime of 99.99% for the past 12 months and this is pretty much good uptime for a web hosting company. Now it’s time to see the fast comet uptime performance.

August 2021100.00%
July 2021100.00%
June 202199.99%
May 202199.99%
April 2021100.00%
March 202199.99%
February 2021100.00%
January 202199.86%
December 2020100%
November 2020100.00%
October 202099.99%
September 2020100.00%

Data Source: Hostingfacts.com

Fastcomet Uptime

Fastcomet provides an average uptime of 99.95% for the past 12 months and this is also good uptime performance of a web hosting company. But it is somewhat low than A2 hosting.  

So, the winner of the uptime performance between A2 Hosting Vs Fastcomet is A2 Hosting.

August 202199.95%
July 202199.92%
June 202199.93%
May 202199.96%
April 202199.99%
March 202199.91%
February 202199.89%
January 2021100%
December 2020100%
November 202099.97%
October 2020100%
September 202099.93%

Data Source: Hostingfacts.com

Uptime Winner: A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting99.99%🏆

Loading Speed

A2 Hosting Loading Speed

After considering the uptime, you should see the loading speed between A2 Hosting vs Fastcomet.

A2 Hosting provides an average loading speed of 291ms for the past 12 months, and this is an excellent loading speed performance for your website. Now we are going to see the Fastcomet loading speed.

Fastcomet Loading Speed

Fastcomet provides an average loading speed of 546ms for the past 12 months and this low loading speed performance compared to A2 Hosting. So, after seeing both the loading speeds, A2 Hosting is the clear winner.

Loading Speed Winner: A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting291ms🏆

Customer Support

Customer support is also another important factor to see before choosing a web hosting company.  

Why it’s important?

If your problems want to be solved in a few minutes or hours, then you need to choose the hosting provider that gives top-notch customer support. 

A2 Hosting Customer Support

A2 Hosting provides 24/7 live chat support for all its customers. And there are many knowledge base posts for faqs.

Fastcomet Customer Support

Fastcomet also provides 24/7 live chat support for all its customers. Fastcomet also has a bunch of knowledge bases for Faqs. 

They always try to respond to you in a written way, and this is extremely good for beginners.  

And the customer support responses are quicker than A2 Hosting. So, for customer support, Fastcomet is the winner.

Customer Support Winner: Fastcomet

A2 HostingLittle Bit Slow

Data Centers

A2 Hosting Data Center Locations

A2 Hosting has only 4 data centers across the globe. They are 

  • USA – Michigan
  • USA – Arizona
  • Europe – Amsterdam
  • Asia – Singapore

Fastcomet Data Center Locations

Fastcomet has 11 data center locations across the globe. And this is a very high data center location for an individual shared hosting company.

  • Newark USA – North America
  • Chicago USA – North America
  • Dallas USA – North America
  • Toronto CA – North America
  • Amsterdam NE- EU
  • Frankfurt DE – EU
  • London UK – EU
  • Singapore – Asia-Pasific
  • Tokyo JP – Asia
  • Mumbai MH – India
  • Sydney AU – Asia-Pasific

So, Fastcomet has large data center locations. So, for data centers, Fastcomet is the open winner without any competition with A2 Hosting.

Data Center Winner: Fastcomet

A2 Hosting4


A2 Hosting Pricing

A2 Hosting has four different plans for shared hosting. And in the turbo boost plan, they offer NVMe storage which is faster than SSD storage.

The pricing of the basic plans named startup is $6.99/M for the annual plan or $2.99/M for the tri-annual period with 100GB SSD storage. And the same renews at $10.99/Month. In this plan, you can host one website only.

Fastcomet Pricing

Fastcomet has three different plans for shared hosting. 

The pricing of the basic plans named Fastcloud is $2.95/m for the first year and the same renews at $10.95/month with 10Gb SSD storage. In this plan, you can host one website.  

And the features for pricing in Fastcomet hosting are low than A2 Hosting. A2 Hosting offers hefty features than Fastcomet. So, A2 Hosting is the perfect winner for pricing.

Pricing Winner: A2 Hosting

A2 HostingLittle bit High But Offers Many Features🏆
FastcometCheap but have very less features

Money-Back Guarantee

A2 Hosting Money-Back Guarantee

A2 Hosting offers 30 days money-back guarantee. It offers Hassle-Free money-back guarantee. You will get a full refund if you can cancel the hosting plan at any time before 30 days.  

If you used more than 30 days, then also you can cancel your account. A2 Hosting will provide a refund for non-usage periods.

Fastcomet Money-Back Guarantee

Fastcomet provides a 45 days money-back guarantee, and this is long compared to any A2 Hosting. So, in this case Fastcomet is the winner.

Money-Back Guarantee Winner:  Fastcomet

A2 Hosting30 Days
Fastcomet45 Days🏆

Final Verdict

In my opinion, both are the best web hosting companies. But there are a few pros and cons between A2 Hosting vs Fastcomet.  

Let’s take this instance

  • If you are a person with a limited budget, then go for Fastcomet.
  • If you are a person without any budget problems, then go for A2 Hosting.

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