Fastcomet Review


Welcome to my Honest Fastcomet review.  

Fastcomet is one of the few private-owned hosting companies in the world. Fastcomet was, originated in 2013 with a headquarters in San Fransisco.  

Fastcomet has 50,000+ happy customers with 11 data centers, and 70+ employees are working in the company.

Before diving deep into the review, we should note some of the interesting features of choosing Fastcomet.  

  1. Fastcomet has Multiple data centers in the world.
  2. SSD Servers
  3. They are one of the leading hosting companies in the world.
  4. They are giving a 99.99% uptime guarantee.
  5. Quick loading speed
  6. 24/7 live chat support.
  7. Free Drag & Drop site builder
  8. 350+ Ready-made templates
  9. Free SSL
  10. Free Cloudflare CDN
  11. Unlimited professional email accounts
  12. Free Domain Transfer
  13. Automated Daily backups
  14. 45 Days Money-back guarantee

What are the types of hosting they offer?

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
Fastcomet review

Fastcomet Review – Plans & Pricing

Fastcomet offers three different shared hosting plans.

Pros of Fastcomet

Most excellent Uptime (99.9% )

Uptime is a very important character while choosing a web hosting company. And, Fastcomet provides 99.96% uptime in the past year, and this is comparatively best than Bluehost and Hostgator.

24/7 live chat support

Fastcomet provides 24/7 live chat support and they have a very knowledgeable and responsive support team, and they are dedicated to helping the customers in few minutes.  

I have also tested their live chat support team by asking some questions. They provide one of the fastest support like Greengeeks.

Quick Loading Speed

Loading speed is also another important factor for user experience and SEO. Somebody thinks that I am lying. Really NO. I am sharing the truth.  

Because a slow-speed website affects the SEO ranking directly. If you do not trust me, then go to google and search for a keyword, and start opening their sites, one from the first page, and the other from the second or third page. The results will shock you.

Users need quick results. So, if they don’t get results quickly, then they will quit your site. If your site was loading for more than 4 seconds, then you surely end up your business with a loss.  

But don’t worry. Fastcomers servers are speed like their name.

Fastcomet uses SSD servers. They are 100% faster than HDD servers. So, your site will open quickly in 2 to 3 seconds. That’s why I am referring you to host your site on Fastcomet.

Free SSL & Cloudflare CDN

Fastcomet provides a free let’s encrypt wildcard SSL for all their hosting plans. This ensures additional security for your website.

And not only SSL but Fastcomet also provides a Cloudflare CDN for free. Many hosting companies will not provide CDN for free. But Fastcomet provides gives you.

Automated Daily Backups

Fastcomet provides free automated daily backups. So, you can take restore your sites without losing any data if anything went wrong on their server or on your website.

45 days Money-back Guarantee

Fastcomet provides a very long 45 days money-back guarantee period, and that is much higher than the competitor like Greengeeks. 

Cheaply priced Domain names

It is the best dealing. Fastcomet doesn’t provide any free domain name. But many hosting providers like Greengeeks, Bluehost are providing a free domain for the first year. But the renewal price of the domain providers in other hosting providers is around $14.

But that is not in the case of Fastcomet. The renewal price of the domain name is just $10.95, and that is very low compared to other hosting companies.

Multiple Datacenters 

Trust me. The data center locations are very much important. In simple words the more the data center location results in a high-speed website and more uptime for the visitors throughout the world.  

Many web hosting companies don’t have more than two or three data centers. But Fastcomet has 11 data centers in the world. If I was not wrong, this is the most data center provided by a single shared hosting provider.

This transforms me into a Fastcomet fan. Crazy right!!

Cons of Fastcomet 

Higher renewal rates

Like other hosting companies, Fastcomet too has a higher renewal price.

The renewal rates are increased more than 200%. This is the single cons I found in the Fastcomet.

The pricing of the fast cloud plan is $2.95/month, and the renewal price is $9.95.

The pricing of the fast cloud plan is $4.45/month for the first year, and the renewal price is $14.95.

But the value of money provided by the Fastcomet hosting is higher compared to any other hosting.

Domain name fees are non-refundable

Then money-back guarantee period of 45 days is only for hosting plans only. There will not be any refund for domain charges. It will be better if they refund for domain name charges too.

Conclusion of Fastcomet Review

Yes, I will honestly recommend Fastcomet hosting because of the following reasons.

  1. Reliable uptime
  2. Very fast loading speed
  3. 24/7 chat support
  4. Cheaply priced domains
  5. Free SSL & Cloudflare CDN
  6. Unlimited E-mail accounts 

After studying many of the hosting companies, this is also one of the best web hosting providers I like. So, if you too like this review and looking to purchase the Fastcomet hosting, then purchase from this page and buy me a coffee.

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