Greengeeks Vs Bluehost (2023)- Read This Before You Buy

Introduction of Greengeeks Vs Bluehost

In this Greengeeks Vs Bluehost, I am going to present all the pros & cons of both the hosting companies.

Both the Greengeeks and Bluehost are reputed wordpress hosting companies. But I love Greengeeks because of their solid uptime and Responsive customer support. 

Greengeeks Vs Bluehost
Grengeeks Vs Bluehost

About Greengeeks 

Greengeeks is founded in 2008 by Trey Gardner who had been in the hosting field and working on seven different hosting companies like iPage, Hostpapa & etc for many years before 2008.  

And after that, he had started his own hosting company and that is Greengeeks. He needs to dedicate something to the environment. So, he started Greengeeks with 300% Renewable energy. And Greengeeks is the topmost eco-friendly web hosting company in the industry.

And I proudly say that this site is also hosted on Greengeeks.  

Now its time to see about Bluehost

About Bluehost

Bluehost has been established in 2003, and it was owned by Endurance International Group (EIG). Bluehost is one of the Official WordPress recommended hosting companies.

And Bluehost has 2 million-plus websites hosted in the servers. This number will shock you for sure. But Even though they are officially recommended by wordpress, there is some downside in their hosting that has very old technologies that lead to spending more from your pocket.

Greengeeks Vs Bluehost Uptime

The uptime of both hosting companies is excellent. Greengeeks servers are efficient and it provides consistent uptime of 99.9+% for the past few years and it has 99.97% uptime for the past one year from February 2021 to January 2022.

And Bluehost also provides consistent uptime with a decent number of 99.93%. Both are providing a decent uptime, and it perfect for all types of websites.

January 2022 (till 9th)100%100%
December 202199.99%99.95%
November 202199.99%90.63%
October 202199.99%93.29%
September 202199.97%99.90%
August 202199.85%99.98%
July 202199.98%100%
June 202199.82%99.99%
May 202199.97%99.77%
April 202199.99%99.99%
March 202199.99%100%
February 202199.99%99.97%
Full StatsCheck HereCheck Here
Data Source:

Winner: Greengeeks provides a solid uptime of 99.97%

Greengeeks Vs Bluehost Loading Speed

Greengeeks has the latest speed technology that helps your website load quicker. They have the latest speed technologies like SSD storage, LiteSpeed servers with the LSCaching plugin, Free CDN, latest protocol with PHP 7.4 Support.

These latest technologies in Greengeeks will help your website to load 50% faster than any other web hosting.

When it comes to speed, Greengeeks provides its best without any lags.

Bluehost provides an average loading speed for your website. They doesn’t have any latest speed technologies. They only have a Free

Bluehost is poor when it comes to speed. The speed of the Bluehost web host is not good compared to Greengeeks.  

It will push you to invest in some more speed optimizations plugins like WPRocket. 


January 2022500ms697ms
December 2021509ms729ms
November 2021522ms707ms
October 2021517ms741ms
September 2021526ms702ms
August 2021553ms1,060ms
July 2021479ms704ms
June 2021534ms780ms
May 2021480ms820ms
April 2021512ms739ms
March 2021493ms721ms
February 2021512ms795ms
Full StatsCheck HereCheck Here
Data Source:

So, if you need web hosting with a quicker loading speed, then Greengeeks is for yours. Even this is one of the reasons I choose Greengeeks for my website.

See the loading speed of my website when I checked in GTMetrix

Greengeeks Loading Speed

Loading Speed Winner: Greengeeks

Greengeeks Vs Bluehost Security

Greengeeks Security

Greengeeks web hosting is extremely secure because of its following features.

  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Hosting Account Isolation
  • Secure Virtual File Systems
  • Clustered Security
  • Real-Time Security Scanning
  • Free Nightly Backups
  • Advanced Clustered Threat Analysis
  • Pro-active Server Monitoring, etc.

Bluehost Security

Bluehost also has some security features but not much like Greengeeks.

  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Single Sign-On Feature
  • SiteLock

Greengeeks Vs Bluehost Customer Support

Greengeeks Support

Greengeeks has 24/7 live chat customer support, an average of 15-20 minutes wait time Email support, with easy-to-understand FAQs knowledgebase articles.

Like loading speed when it comes to the Customer support of web hosting even web hosting companies like Siteground cannot touch Greengeeks. Because Greengeeks customer support team is very much quicker than any other web hosting companies

Bluehost also provides 24/7 live chat customer support, email support, with knowledgebase articles. But they are a little bit slow than Greengeeks.

You might think how I am telling Bluehost support is slow?

But see here what happens to me while contacting their support.

Like all the above things in customer support also Greengeeks is best than Bluehost.

Customer Support Winner: Greengeeks

Greengeeks Vs Bluehost Datacenters

Greengeeks Datacenters

Greengeeks has three multiple data centers in the below mentioned locations. Choose the data center according to your audience locations.

  • Chicago, United States
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bluehost Datacenters

Bluehost has more data centers compared to Greengeeks. But they are not disclosing all their locations. And you can’t choose the data center that you need. They will automatically allocate a data center for your website according to your location.  

But for Indian people, you can choose any one of the below data centers while purchasing.

  • India
  • United States

Greengeeks Vs Bluehost Pricing

Greengeeks pricing

Greengeeks comes with three various pricing plans.

Common features in all the Greengeeks Plans

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain Name for 1st Year
  • Free Nightly Backup
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  •  Managed WordPress
  • Built-in Caching (LiteSpeed)
  • Unlimited Databases
  • 300% Green Energy Match
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Multi-user Access

And the Greengeeks started plan name “Lite” helps you to host one website with 50GB SSD Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, and create 50 Professional Email accounts.

The price of the Greengeeks lite plan is $2.49/Month for the first term, and the same renews at $10.95 for the next term.

Check Here for all Plans

Bluehost Pricing

Bluehost comes with 4 different pricing plans.  

Common Features of Bluehost 

  • Domain for 1 Year
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Quick-Start AI-Powered Templates
  • Drag-n-Drop Builder
  • Mobile-Responsive Themes
  • Automatic Site Optimization
  • 100+ Free Stock Image Library
  • Free SSL
  • Automatic Daily Malware Scan
  • Free Speed Boosting CDN
  • Email Marketing Tool
  • WordPress Website Migration

Bluehost’s basic plan comes with a single website with 50 GB SSD Storage, with unlimited bandwidth.

The price of the Bluehost basic plan is $2.95/month, and the same plan renews at $9.99/month.

The Winner for pricing is Greengeeks. You might think why?

Because Greengeeks provides a blazing fast loading speed than Bluehost for sure. And Greengeeks has free Nightly Backups in all their plans. But in Bluehost, there is no free backups plan in basic and their plus plan.  

So, if you need a free backup, you should invest in their Choice plus plan and their pro plan. The price of the Choice plus plan is $5.45/month and the same renews at $18.99/Month.  

Bluehost choice plus plan will provide free automated backups for the first year only. If you need backup services for the upcoming years, then you need to invest more money.

And Bluehost’s price is very higher than Greengeeks. And even Bluehost has a slow loading speed issue also.

So, think twice before going to Bluehost.

Pricing Winner: Greengeeks

Greengeeks Vs Bluehost Final Verdict

Both Greengeeks and Bluehost are the best web hosting companies. They are providing valuable services for the customers.  

Bluehost has a very old speed technology on its servers. And Bluehost has a loading speed issues from a very long back.  

This loading speed problem will lead to spending your money on caching and speed optimization plugins like WP Rocket ($59/year) or W3 Total Cache.

This is one of the reasons why I do not recommend Bluehost for my readers.

But if you need a web host with a limited budget + good loading speed servers with latest technologies, then I honestly recommend my readers to switch to Greengeeks.

Once again, I am also one of the happy customers of Greengeeks. So, Greengeeks will not disappoint you at any cost.

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