Greengeeks Vs Namehero – Know the Real Hero of 2023!

Introduction of Greengeeks Vs Namehero

Welcome to another comparison of Greengeeks vs Namehero. Greengeeks and Namehero both are the best web hosting companies. But there are some pros and cons in both the hosting companies. So, I am going to point out them in this comparison.

Greengeeks Vs Namehero
Greengeeks vs Namehero

Greengeeks Vs Namehero Uptime

Greengeeks provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee in all their hosting plans. As they say, they are providing the same uptime of 99.94% from the past six months, April 2021 to September 2021. So, your website will be live 24/7.

Like Greengeeks, Namehero also provides the same 99.99% uptime guarantee.

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Greengeeks Vs Namehero Loading Speed

Greengeeks has a very fast average loading speed of 514ms for the past six months period. And this very fast loading speed of any website. Even my site also thrills because of Greengeeks. And note the speed of this site without any other paid optimization plugins like Wp Rocket.

Greengeeks Loading Speed

Namehero also provides a quick page loading speed for their website. And many things are common in both Greengeeks and Namehero. 

Both of them use SSD servers with LiteSpeed Caching technology. So, you don’t need to purchase any cache plugins like Wprocket or W3 Total Cache.  

But there is an advantage in Namehero of NVMe storage in USA Servers for their turbo cloud and business cloud plan.

Even though SSD storage is best than HDD servers, now it’s time to enjoy another new technology of NVMe Storage. It ensures a blazing fast loading speed than SSD.  

Greengeeks Vs Namehero Support

Both the companies offers 24/7 customer support in various ways live chat support, knowledge base, E-mail support, Phone support.

In live chat support, Greengeeks is the winner. Because their dedicated support team will reach you in seconds. It is the crazy reason why I rushed to announce the winner without explaining.

When it comes to live chat support, the greengeeks support team will help to solve all your doubts in seconds with their Faq tutorials.

And If you are a non-techie person, then don’t worry.

If you ask them to do the work, they will do it for you without any extra charges.

For example, a few months back I need to activate the CDN for the full zone. But I don’t know to do it.  

Then I asked the support team to do it. They have done it for me without any extra charges.

Namehero hosting also providing live chat support, E-mail support, and phone support.

In Namehero the wait time for live chat support is five minutes, and this is very much higher than Greengeeks. 

Winner: Greengeeks

Greengeeks Vs Namehero Security

Greengeeks Security

Greengeeks offers Free lets Encrypt SSL, Free Cloudflare CDN, and 

Free Nightly Backups. They include the latest & best security technologies such as 

  • Hosting Account Isolation
  • Secure Virtual File Systems
  • Real-Time Security Scanning
  • Advanced Clustered Threat Analysis
  • Pro-active Server Monitoring, etc.

Namehero Security

Namehero also offers Free let’s encrypt SSL, Free Cloudflare CDN, and nightly backups. They also provide

  • Server level firewalls
  • ModSecurity
  • Imunify 360(regular scanner), etc.

Winner: Both

Greengeeks Vs Namehero Pricing

Greengeeks Pricing

Greengeeks starting price is $2.49/month, and the same plan renews at $10.95/month. This plan includes One website, a free domain for 1st year, 50 email accounts, and 50Gb SSD Storage.

Check here for All Plans

Namehero Pricing

Namehero starting price is $2.69/month, and the same plan renews at $8.95/month. This plan includes one website, with unlimited SSD Storage.

Check here for All Plans.

Pros & Cons of Greengeeks

Pros of Greengeeks

  • 99.99% Uptime guarantee
  • Quick Loading Speed
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited email accounts in (pro & premium plan)
  • Quick Customer Support
  • User-Friendly Dashboard
  • Free Domain Name for 1st year in all their plans
  • Litespeed Caching
  • Free site migration 
  • 30 Day Money Back guarantee
  • Free SSL
  • Free CDN
  • Eco-Friendly Web Hosting
  • Free Nighty Backups with (Restore one/month free by technicians and unlimited by yourself)

Cons of Greengeeks

  • Higher Renewal rates

Pros & Cons of Namehero

Pros of Namehero

  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Blazing fast loading speed
  • Litespeed Caching
  • Free domain for 1st year in turbo cloud and business cloud
  • Advanced NVMe storage in turbo cloud and business cloud (US Datacenter)
  • Free SSL 
  • 30 Day Money Back guarantee
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Free website migrations
  • Free Nighty Backups

Cons of Namehero

  • Not user-friendly dashboard. If you are a non-techie person, then it will be a little bit difficult to use Namehero hosting dashboard. It is the downside of the Namehero hosting.

My Final Verdict

In my opinion, both the Greengeeks and Namehero are the leading and premium web hosting companies in the industry. Both of them are having relatively the same features with the same pricing.  

But I will recommend Greengeeks because I am using Greengeeks from the past year. This website is also hosted on Greengeeks. And they are really providing valuable services without any problems.

Even though you got any problems the customer support will help you to solve them very quickly.  

And make sure Greengeeks pricing is very low for hosting multiple websites. So, if you want to host multiple websites at a cheap cost with effective management, then I would recommend you to go for Greengeeks

If you need a user-friendly interface, then Greengeeks will be the best choice for you.

And, If you want to try NVMe Storage, then I would recommend you to go for Namehero hosting. And NVMe storage is best than SSD Storage.

And after finalizing your choice buy it through any of the above links and buy me a coffee without any extra cost for you.

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