WPX Hosting Review 2023 – Why I love Them the Most?

Introduction of WPX Hosting Review 2022

Are you looking for reliable web hosting for high-traffic sites at an affordable price?

Then this WPX Hosting review 2022 is surely for you.


When other popular hosting companies like Kinsta, Rocket.net, Hostinger and WP Engine are charging a hefty price for the wordpress hosting services, WPX provides the same for a competitive price.

No other hosting company can provide these many features with more Free addons than WPX at an affordable price.

Wpx Hosting Review 2022
Wpx Hosting Review

WPX Provides an Excellent Uptime & Loading speed consistently for an affordable price. It made them something unique.

Now let’s dive deep into the WPX Hosting Review 2022

About WPX Hosting

Terry Kyle was an online entrepreneur in 1998. He had a chance to use every hosting company at least twice. But none of those hosting companies satisfied his online business.

Terry Kyle - CEO & Founder of Wpx Hosting
Terry Kyle

Terry Kyle is the founder & CEO of WPX hosting. He founded WPX hosting in 2013.  

And they are using LiteSpeed servers, their CDN, and many more powerful features that help your growing websites.

Few WPX Hosting Features

  1. 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
  2. Excellent Loading Speed within seconds
  3. 24/7/365 Customer Support with an average wait time of 30 seconds
  4. Access to WPX Cloud CDN (XDN)with 30 endpoints
  5. Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  6. User-friendly Dashboard – Custom Cpanel
  7. Free Malware Scanning and Removal
  8. Create Unlimited Business Email Accounts
  9. Few Click Staging Area
  10. Free Unlimited Website Migrations
  11. Free Daily Backups
  12. LiteSpeed Webservers
  13. SSD Storage

WPX provides all the above powerful features at a competitive price in the market.

WPX has the leading reviews on Trustpilot. WPX has 4.8-star ratings on Trustpilot with 1821 user reviews.

Wpx trustpilot reviews
Wpx trustpilot reviews

Now let us see all the features of WPX hosting in brief.

Even big brands like Thrive themes are also recommends Wpx Hosting. And the reasons for why they recommending them are in the video

WPX Hosting Uptime Performance

WPX hosting promises a 99.95% uptime guarantee for their hosting plans. And they are providing 99.95% to 99.99% uptime consistently for the past few years.

wpx hosting uptime performance

I have checked a websites uptime for past 10 days. And it seems to be 100%.

Uptime of the WPX hosting is completely reliable for all types of websites.

WPX Hosting Loading Speed

WPX hosting provides the fastest TTFB than all the hosting companies. Matthew Woodward tested the loading speed and the average server response time of more than 12 leading hosting companies.  

Finally, WPX wins the speed test conducted by Matthew Woodward.

In the Gtmetrix test, the WPX page load time is 800ms, and the TTFB is 111ms

Wpx hosting average server response time
Credits: matthewwoodward.co.uk

In the Pingdom test, the WPX page load time is 357ms.

wpx hosting page load time
Credits: matthewwoodward.co.uk

Next, I have tested the speed of a site that has been hosted on WPX Hosting.

First, I have tested the site in Gtmetrix. The speed results are just amazing.

Wpx hosting speed on gtmetrix

The performance score of the Gtmetrix is 100%. The time taken for the first byte is 87ms. The Largest Contentful Paint appears in 421ms. And finally, the site was loaded within 519ms.

Next, I have tested the speed of WPX hosting in Pingdom. In the Pingdom test the sites loads in 560ms. That means the website loads within one second. The page size is around 674kb.

wpx hosting speed performance on pingdom

I don’t even stop here. I also tested the website speed on another platform named google page speed insights.

In the page speed insights the website loads in 400ms for desktop users and 1.1 seconds for mobile users.

wpx hosting loading speed on google page speed insights
Mobile Results
wpx hosting loading speed performance
Desktop Results

So, the speed of the WPX hosting company is great compared to all other hosting companies.

WPX Customer Support

Wpx is so much popular for this reason also. WPX promises an average wait time of 30 seconds for live chat support.

But they are faster than what they say. The customer support team will connect with you within 25 to 30 seconds of wait time with a 98% satisfaction rate.

WPX Hosting uses LiveChat software for support, and it shows the average reply time of the Wpx support team is 24 seconds.

Wpx hosting customer support

After seeing it, I also tested their live chat support by asking some questions. The customer support team connects very fast and assist me within a few seconds.

wpx hosting live chat support

Live chat support is their one and one only way to get customer support. Because they need to solve your queries or doubts in real-time without any delays.

Instead of delaying you in email support ticket escalations, they are solving the customer issues in real-time.

Even Kinsta is following this method of support If I was not wrong 

That is very fast and responsive support from a hosting brand that I checked.

WPX Security Features

WPX provides Free Let’s Encrypt SSL for all websites. SSL is the must-have security solution and nowadays many hosting companies are offering it for free.

Next, WPX provides Free daily malware scanning & removal from your website. If your site has affected my malware, then you don’t need to worry.

Just contact the WPX support team. They will scan and remove the malware from your site completely free without any extra cost.

WPX and WP Engine are the only companies that provide malware removal for free.

Some companies will charge a fee. Some other companies are not providing these facilities.

So, we are lucky to have Wpx.

User-Friendly Dashboard

WPX provides a custom Cpanel dashboard that is very user-friendly and simplified everything that makes people use it easier.  

Wpx Hosting cpanel dashboard

So, every beginner can also use this dashboard easily without any difficulties.

What are the features are in the dashboard?

  • You can create a staging area within a few clicks
  • Adding more websites
  • Installing SSL Certificates
  • Activating WPX Cloud CDN for the site
  • Creating business email addresses (yourname@yourdomain.com)

Pros of WPX Hosting

Blazing Fast Loading Speed

All your websites are hosted on the lightning-fast LiteSpeed server. This helps your website to load quicker than the normal apache webservers.

Unlimited Website Transfers

While all other hosting company provides only limited migrations for free Wpx provides unlimited websites migrations for free.

The migration process also includes your business emails and everything. This process will be done within 24 hours of your migration request.

Free CDN with 26 End Points

Wpx hosting provides its own WPX Cloud CDN for all the users without any extra cost. It also connect with the 26 endpoints and that makes your website load even faster.

Free Malware Scanning and Removal

Where some premium or local not providing the malware scanning for free some of them will be charging and some of them are not even providing the malware removal services.

But if you have chosen the WPX Hosting,

Then you will get free malware scanning and removal services in all their pricing plans.

Free Fixes For Every Other Problem

Some of the updates of plugins or themes might cause any problems with our website. But these problems can easily be fixed by a dedicated customer support team for completely free.

Affordable Price for High Traffic Sites

While other premium companies like Kinsta are offering their services at the basic price of $30/month for only one website,

But WPX hosting offers five wordpress sites for the price of $20.83/month.

So, WPX is one of the affordable premium hosting brands for high-traffic sites.

Staging Environment

This is must needed feature in a wordpress website. If you are wondering to know about the staging area, then I am going to explain it.

The staging area is the place where you can test the plugins and themes or any other changes that you are going to do to your website that are working fine without any problems.

Every wordpress website comes with this feature. But why it is different in WPX and other premium brands.

When you are using normal web hosting companies, you need to create a staging area through Cpanel, which has require some more hard work little technical skills.

But, in WPX hosting it is very easier to create a staging area within a few clicks of your mouse.

So, you can test the updates of themes, plugins, and other changes easily without any fear. And after testing it you can push them to live in a single click.

Cons of WPX Hosting

Non Affordable for Beginners

The price of the hosting plan is not affordable for beginners. The basic plan price of WPX hosting starts at $20.83, and that is not affordable for every beginner who has a tight budget.

It will be very nice if they offer any $10/month for one website. If WPX reduce their price, then I am the first person to migrate my website to WPX Hosting 

It’s Crazy Right!! 

Now let us jump to the pricing section of the WPX Hosting Review.

WPX Hosting Plans & Pricing

Wpx Hosting plans, features, and pricing are completely straightforward.  

Wpx offers three wordpress hosting plans. And all their plans are not hitting the sky like other hosting companies while renewal.

Wpx hosting pricing
Wpx Pricing

Because they have trust in their quality, not in the pricing strategies. This is a great deal for every website owner.

Business Plan:  This plan can be purchased by beginners are who have hosted one or a few websites.

It is a basic plan that allows you to host up to 5 Websites with a 10 GB Superfast SSD Storage and 100 GB Bandwidth/month.

Features of Business Plan:

  • Host Up to 5 websites
  • 10 GB SSD Storage
  • 100GB Bandwidth

Professional Plan:  It is the second WPX hosting plan that suits medium-sized growing websites owners, and who have many more than 5 websites.  

This professional plan allows you to host up to 15 websites with 20 GB Superfast SSD Storage and comes with a 200 GB Bandwidth/month.

Features of Professional Plan:

  • Host Up to 15 Websites
  • 20 GB SSD Storage
  • 200 GB Bandwidth

Elite Plan:  This is the top-most plan of the WPX hosting, and it helps you to host up to 35 websites with 40 GB Storage. This plan comes with an unlimited bandwidth feature.

Feature of Elite Plan:

  • Host Up to 35 websites
  • 40 GB Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Common Features of all the WPX Hosting plans

  1. Free Malware Scanning and Removal
  2. 30-sec Average Live-Chat Support
  3. Free Site Fixes If Site goes Down or Offline
  4. Free Site Speed Optimization
  5. 30-day Money-Back Guarantee
  6. 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
  7. 1-Click WordPress Installs
  8. Create Unlimited Business Email Accounts
  9. Choose Your Desired Datacenter Locations In USA, UK & Australia
  10. LiteSpeed Server + LiteSpeed Cache + OpCache
  11. High-Speed Custom WPX Cloud CDN with 26 Global Edge Locations
  12. Superfast SSD Storage
  13. Two-Factor Authentication
  14. Free Unlimited Site Migrations To WPX
  15. Unlimited Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates For websites
  16. Free Enterprise-Level DDoS Protection
  17. PHP 7.x & PHP 8.0
  18. 28 Days Automatic Backups 
  19. Staging Environment

WPX Hosting Signup Process

Step 1 – Click here to visit the official website of WPX Hosting. And click on the start now button.

Wpx signup process

Step 2 – Select your desired plan that fits your business website’s needs.

selecting pricing plan

Step 3 – Enter the new domain name that you need to purchase.

selecting the domain name

Note: If you already have a domain, then click on “I already have a website”.  

If you don’t have a website, then click on “I am Launching a New Website” and enter the new domain details that you like to purchase

Step 4 – Select your hosting location from their three listed locations.

selecting the server location

Step 5 – Enter your personal information and scroll down to select the payment method. Then pay the amount using your desired payment method.  

wpx billing

Step 6 – Now, you will receive an email that has your login credentials and your receipt.

Now It’s time to set up your wordpress website.

This is the dashboard of WPX Hosting. And this dashboard is more easily accessible than the normal Cpanel.

Wpx hosting Setup Process

Installation of WordPress

Click on the websites and click on Install wordpress on the respective domain where you need to install wordpress in two clicks.

Installing wordpress in wpx

Installation of SSL

As WPX Hosting provides free SSL to all the users you can Install them through their client area. Select the SSL option on the domain name and click on the “Install SSL” button to install SSL on your website.

Installing SSL in wpx

Activation of CDN

Enter into the WPX Cloud Option and enable it. This is very much easier compared to other hosting providers.

Activating Wpx Cloud CDN

Anyway, CDN is an important factor that helps to load your website quicker in all the countries.

Creation of Email Address

WPX provides free unlimited email accounts in all their pricing plans. So, to create a custom email address click email boxes, then select add an email box, and create it as you like.

Creation of business email address in wpx

Wpx Hosting Alternatives

Kinsta Vs Wpx

Kinsta is really best than WPX. But, Kinsta’s price is not an affordable hosting provider. Kinsta’s basic plan price is $30, and that comes with only one wordpress website.

In the case of Wpx hosting, the basic plan is $20 which comes with five wordpress websites.

But if you need quality than quantity, then Kinsta will be a better Wpx alternative.

Wpx hosting vs Cloudways

If you are looking to host only one website with great features and a budget-friendly option, then Cloudways will be the best alternative for Wpx.  

Cloudways’ basic plan price is just $10/month. So, Cloudways will be a good fit for you.

Wpx hosting vs Bluehost

If your budget is tight, then Bluehost will be a good budget-friendly alternative for Wpx hosting. But, in the case of features and quality, Bluehost will not fit the quality of Wpx hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions on WPX Hosting

Is Wpx hosting worth it?

WPX hosting is worth every single penny they charge. Because they offer quality services at an affordable price than other premium hosting companies.

Who owns Wpx?

Terry Kyle is the founder and CEO of the Wpx wordpress hosting.

Does Wpx have Cpanel?

Wpx hosting comes with their own custom Cpanel, and that helps users to access their websites files more easily than the normal Cpanel.

Is Wpx shared hosting?

Wpx offers shared hosting plans. But Wpx is not cheap like other shared hosting, and they are not really like other big managed hosts like Kinsta and Flywheel. They are something different with affordable plans & premium quality.

Final Verdict of WPX Hosting Review 2022

After reading this Wpx hosting review, I am sure your mind will be wondering about starting a new website with WPX.

Some might be in confusion whether they are really good or not. 

In my opinion, WPX hosting is one of the best premium hosting companies that provides budget-friendly pricing plans compared to other premium hosting companies like Kinsta, WP Engine, Rocket.net, etc.

I am a fan of Greengeeks when it comes to web hosting. Likewise, I am a fan of WPX when it comes to wordpress hosting.

So, WPX hosting will be surely fit all your website needs at an affordable price. So, they are really worth every penny.


If you are looking to start your journey with WPX, then purchase using any one of the above links and buy me a coke without any extra cost for you.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post many contain affiliate links. That means we will earn a small commission if you click the links and purchased the products at no additional cost for you. So, if you are really interested to purchase the products, then purchase through any one of the above links any buy me a coke with out any extra cost for you.

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